Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's been awhile!

A lot has happened since the three of us have posted on here! I’m sorry I’ve dropped the ball but at least there’s a lot to fill you in on now!
The hubs and I got our assignment. We are headed to Fort Lewis! We couldn’t be more excited. He is in JAG school right now and loving every minute. We get to talk pretty often which has been a blessing.
We also found out that we’re pregnant! We are having a little boy on June 24. Sam gets done with training June 17…. You heard me! So we’re praying and praying I don’t go into labor early and the little man stays in my belly. I will move out to Washington May 4 since I won’t be able to travel past that point and that’ll give me 6 weeks to set up the house and get acquainted with a doctor. Then Sam will bust it out there and we’ll begin our adventure together at Fort Lewis!
So the Army has already sent the movers to come move our stuff out to storage in Washington. Sam was already at training so I got to really experience the moving/packing situation! I decided to put down some tips while it was fresh on my mind:
-          Label each room with a big sheet of paper so they know how to label the boxes. This way, when you get to your new house, you can just label the rooms you want them to put the boxes in and everything will have its place.
-          Buy little Tupperware boxes from the dollar store and put all of your silverware and utensils on those. Otherwise, they’ll wrap each one!
-          Don’t be afraid to say something if they’re not packing the way you think they should.
-          Get them food! They’re spending all day (and in my case all night!) packing and moving your stuff. So I ordered pizza for lunch and had doughnuts for the mornings. It was nice to sit around and get to know them and enjoy some food!
-          Allow your friends and family to take care of you. Sweet Kate came and kept me company. My parents brought me some healthy snacks. You’re not allowed to help them pack so you’re pretty much confined to the couch so get cozy and watch some Hulu and enjoy the visits.
-          If you have anything of high value, let them know. They’ll label it and wrap with special care.
-          Anything you don’t want them to take, put in your car! It gets hectic in there as everything is getting put in boxes so I went ahead and put everything in the car that I wanted to keep with me.
-          Make sure you don’t have any trash! For the love, no trash! Otherwise, you’ll have a lovely smelling surprise when you have everything unpacked at your new place.
-          The biggest thing I learned is that we underestimated the weight of our stuff. So, they only sent 2 guys to pack up our whole house. It took WAY longer than expected for the packers so the movers couldn’t get started on time. The poor movers ended up being at our house until 2am the next day. So, next time I’ll probably go over what I think our stuff weighs so that they send an adequate amount of packers.

Well, those are the few things I’ve learned in the short amount of time I’ve been a part of this wonderful family. I’m sure I’ll learn things each time!
Do yall have any moving stories? They can be fun, informational, or jaw-dropping!
Love to you,


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